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No matter how much we’ve messed up, screwed up, been hurt, been unjustly beaten, been bruised, abused, misused, or down right attacked, life is good.  God is good.  That truth is unchangeable, unshakable, and unmistakable when it’s in our face.

When I take a minute to take a deep deep breath, look my heart squarely in the eye and consider all this is and all that I’ve been blessed with, I can overwhelmingly say, without a doubt in my heart, that the pain and hurt was worth it to get to the right now.

I will praise God in this valley and on this mountaintop.  In ALL I say and do, I will honor you.  I will choose to believe and live firmly in the truth alone.  Every day. No matter what.

This life, the one I’m living, is precious.